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Form Group & Tutorials

All students at Thomas Paine Sixth Form belong to a Form Group. You will have the support of a form tutor and will have weekly tutorial lessons which follow a specialised programme. These lessons will focus on a range of topics including,  learning about study skills, university, and apprenticeship applications.  You will also learn about  issues linked with well-being and becoming an adult and we will equip you with an appreciation for the communities and wider-world in which we live.

As part of form time, you will also have regular one-to-one with your tutor giving you a chance to talk about how you are getting on, your attendance and any concerns or celebrations you may have.

Form time activities also include assemblies where students get together as a community to celebrate successes, share key messages and keep informed about sixth form life.

In addition to your form tutor you will also have a specialist leadership tutor, who will guide you on your leadership programme. You will have leadership lessons once a week and be supported in developing opportunities for leadership within sixth form, across the wider-school and in the local community.

TPS Sessions take place once a week for an hour and cover a range of topics from how to be an effective sixth form student, becoming an adult and preparation for your future. This programme compliments the form tutor programme and enables greater diversity of content. Within this session we also run the Academic Literacy Programme, which supports students in their academic writing and research.