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Academic Support

At Thomas Paine Sixth Form academic support is provided by our dedicated Raising Achievement Manager who is responsible for supporting students studying in the Study Centre, mentoring students, allocating students to intervention lessons with their class teachers, and managing external tuition.

Our Senior Tutor and Progress & Achievement Leader, ensures that every student receives targeted support, mentors students who are struggling, or who require extra challenge and liaises with subject teachers and heads of department so that subject-specific support is provided.

Our highly qualified specialist teachers are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each student and work with the academic and pastoral team to support progression and achievement.

We closely monitor your progress during the course, so that we can give extra guidance if needed and ensure that you get the most out of your sixth form journey.

Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities will receive specialist support from our SEND department, which is led by Ms Burbridge (Academy SEND Coordinator).

Students will also have access to expertise and resources of other sixth forms in the Inspiration Trust