Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Approach

We deliver a curriculum that enables our students  to explore academic, cultural and personal development opportunities. Students will participate in a wider curriculum offer to include our leadership and tutor programme, work experience and TPS Sessions as a compulsory part of the education provision provided to students at Thomas Paine Sixth Form. We want our students to be the next generation of leaders who inspire others in whichever profession or pathway they choose for their future. 

We teach pupils a curriculum that provides them with a thorough understanding of the world in which we live, an appreciation of what is amazing and beautiful, and preparation for challenges we face. 

We achieve this by teaching our students  to develop a set of values and habits that allow them to contribute to our community in Thetford, and beyond. This means that we teach our students to be polite, hardworking, disciplined, resilient, determined and aspirational. 

Approach to Teaching

The classroom experience at Thomas Paine Sixth Form is founded upon: 

High expectations and values

The knowledge and passion of our teachers as subject experts

Consistency in planning and delivery of curriculum

An emphasis on reading widely and often

A belief that deliberate practice is the best way to build the independence and confidence of pupils

Regular feedback and advice to students to help them progress

Recognising and rewarding hard work

We work with our fellow academies within the Inspiration Trust to apply and innovate teaching approaches and deliver thorough, knowledge rich curriculum. This ensures that students have the knowledge not only to tackle their exams, but the wider and richer knowledge they need to get on in the world after education.


16-19 Study Programme - Principles

Our curriculum provision is ‘designed to provide students with a structured and challenging learning programme that supports their development and progression in line with their career plans’

Our Curriculum includes the elements outlined by the DFE below:

Qualifications that stretch students and prepare them for education at the next level or for employment (A Levels and Vocational Qualifications)

 English and maths where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade 4 (Resit opportunities automatically provided for)

 Work experience to give students the opportunity to develop their career choices and to apply their skills in real working conditions (Timetabled and part of Leadership Programme)

 Other non-qualification activities to develop students’ character, broader skills, attitudes and confidence, and to support progression. (Tutor programme, TPS Sessions, Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities)