Student Union

Sixth Form Student Union

The Thomas Paine Sixth Form Student Union exists to achieve the following:

  1. Support the academic and personal achievement of every student at Thomas Paine
  2. Foster a sense of belonging and place for every student in the Sixth Form
  3. Organise and support celebrations of student determination and endeavour.

It is led by sixth form students and staff. Sixth Form SU Committee Members hold key roles and contribute to making decisions that ensure that the Student Union takes a leading role in Sixth Form life. The Student Union engages in charitable and community activities and arrange social events too.

Sixth Form Officers - Leadership Roles:

  1. Chair of the Executive Committee
  2. Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee
  3. Governance and Compliance Officer
  4. Publicity Officer
  5. Events Officer
  6. Charity and Fundraising Officer
  7. Education Officer
  8. Wellbeing Officer
  9. Prom Convenor
  10. Sports Convenor

"SU is our own personal democratic organisation that allows us to contribute and make decisions on the different aspects of our Sixth Form life. The most effective skill I have gained and that has enhanced my experience is communication skills. The SU has also taught me methods and principles to follow much like adult life post 18."

Chair of the Students Union - Bethany