Our Vision and Ethos

Our vision is that every student can succeed, both in their academic outcomes and as an outgoing and positive member of our local, national, and global communities. We want our students to be the next generation of leaders, who inspire others in whichever profession or pathway they choose for their future.

We achieve this by ensuring that everyone commits to making outstanding progress, enjoys and engages in their learning, and are prepared to take on challenges without the fear of failure.

Our broad academic curriculum is supported by a range of extra-curricular enrichment, including visits in the UK and abroad, participation in music and art events, a wide selection of sporting activities and opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Whilst we have high expectations of all our students, we make sure they receive the personalised support they need to develop academically and as a young adult.  We are committed to ensuring that our students are recognised as individuals and receive the pastoral care they need to thrive both academically and as a person.

Thomas Paine Sixth Form aims to empower aspiration and achievement for all students.

We promote the value of self, others and learning environment through PRIDE

Pride in your work and sixth form

Respect for yourself and others

Involvement in every aspect of Sixth Form life

Determination to overcome obstacles

Endeavouring to exceed expectation

Thomas Paine Sixth Form is a part of the Inspiration Trust family of schools, which spans Norfolk and Suffolk. The Inspiration Trust has been ranked twice as the top comprehensive schools group in the country for progress to GCSE, and includes some of the highest performing schools in East Anglia. Our staff draw on world recognised subject experts to ensure our students get the very best teaching.