Welcome to Thomas Paine Sixth Form


There are proven benefits of physical activity on academic performance. All forms of sport and physical activity can help all pupils to remain physically fit, build character, develop key employability skills and help to promote a healthy competitive spirit – qualities which are always useful, wherever you want to go in life. Because of all of these reasons we encourage all students to take up the option of extracurricular physical activities and sport.

All students at Thomas Paine Sixth Form have the opportunity to use the extensive facilities that we have to offer. Students can use the fitness suite under remote supervision during the school day between lessons or after school once they have had a full induction. We also offer opportunities to compete against others in a range of sports including; football, netball, table tennis, tennis, dodgeball, and many others.

If competitive sport is not for you, you could try some of our other physical activity opportunities that take place in our dance studio such as; yoga, dance, bootcamp or boxercise. We heavily encourage sixth form students to take responsibility for organising their own extra curricular sporting activities.

We also offer the opportunity to get involved in other capacities such as coaching or officiating year 7-11 sports clubs and fixtures.

Leadership in sports is also part of our Future Leaders Programme.