Careers Programme Information

At Thomas Paine Sixth Form we are committed to preparing you for your future and empowering you to reach your academic and personal potential. You will begin preparing for your next steps from the moment you arrive at Thomas Paine Sixth Form. We work in partnership with the Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme, UEA and NEACO. These organisations offer a wealth of support in terms of information and provide a range of opportunities, including interview preparation, trips and visits.

Careers Programme

As a student at Thomas Paine Sixth Form you will have access to careers advice throughout your time with us. We have our own Careers Advisor and also have a Higher Education Champion who visits once a week to mentor students with regards to future aspirations. We are able to offer full advice and guidance on careers and higher education in Yr12 followed by expert assistance  with presenting your university/apprenticeship applications in Yr13 or making your first steps into work.

Students are able to book appointments directly with these advisors.

Thomas Paine Sixth Form (TPS) Sessions take place once a week for an hour and cover a range of topics from how to be an effective sixth form student, becoming an adult and preparation for your future. This programme compliments the form tutor programme and enables greater diversity of content. Within this session we also run the Academic Literacy course, which supports students in their academic writing and research.

You are also able to attend any of Thetford Academy’s careers programme events, with regular guest speakers from a variety of different sectors, and workshops on applying for jobs, managing your finances and advancing your career.

Careers Programme

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