Meet Our Team

Jacqueline Browne

Librarian and Information Literacy Mentor


Jacqueline has over 20 years experience as a school librarian and is passionate about children and young adults developing and improving their reading skills, not only to be able to enjoy the huge range of YA literature available but also to be able to navigate the complexities of reading for information and academic purposes. She supports Sixth Form students with developing their information literacy; giving specialist guidance on research and referencing and use of digital information platforms such as JSTOR


' I love discussing ideas for great books to read and getting to know students through the types of reading they enjoy  -  our 6th form reading section has books for all tastes and it's brilliant to be able to introduce students to new authors and genres. It's also a privilege to work with students on their academic skills - ensuring that they are information literate to be able to read, analyse, and evaluate information to become lifelong learners'